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How to solve the problem caused by production install

To solve the problem caused by production install, to export the fold file first and copy the buildout.cfg. after make new app, use the old buildout.cfg which change the port number and adminPassword to install all of the products, then add-on the products, import the fold file, re-produce the front-page and mail setting.

How to remove add-ons from a Zope instance

remove S&D from a Zope instance Normally you can remove a local utility by using the unregisterUtility method, but at this moment you don't have the product installed, so importing interfaces etc is not an option. Reinstalling is not what you want, so what to do now?

How to fix Z SQL Method test problem

I believe that error is related to the fact that you are using Chinese field names in your 'item' table. The ZMySQLDA database adapter does not provide a way to to set the MySQL character set, so the only solution is to add a line to the _begin method in ZMySQLDA/ self.db.query("set character set utf8") I've done that for you, so your queries should work now.