Booty Belt

The Booty Belt is a unique product that allows the wearer to keep their pant or short waist snug without the need of a full belt.  Women with narrow waists tend to have additional material since the pants are usually sized for the hips and are not tailored to their shape. 

Many people do not like wearing belts.  Belts provide bulk where bulk should not be expecially when wearing a shirt or blouse over the pants or shorts.  My Booty Belt is crafted to attach to opposite sides on the belt loop.  It is easily attached with the buttons and has leather ends for endurance and rigidity.  The belt can be changed from garment to garment or buy multiple and keep them on your favorite pants. 

The size of the Booty Belt should be shorter than the distance between the belt loops.  This makes the elastic work to keep the wais tight.  Belts come in small (10in), medium (12in) and large (14in). 

Kid belts that are specially designed for the youngster are available too.  Keep the pant bottoms up.


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