Iron on patches

Iron-On Patches Denim: Use patches to repair a tear- worn area or hole.
Iron-On Mending Tapes/Fabric: Use mending tapes to repair a tear - worn area or hole. Washable and dry cleanable.
Denim Iron-On Patching Cloth: Use patching cloth to repair a tear - worn area or hole. Washable and Dry Cleanable.
Twill Iron-On Patches

• Washable & Dry Cleanable

Check fiber content of item to
be repaired to be sure it can
withstand the heat setting required for
correct application.
• Wash garment before applying patch.
• Heat dry iron for 5 minutes on “Cotton” setting.
• Cut patch slightly larger than area to be
   mended. Round  coners. If patch will  cover
   a hole, place a piece of paper  underneath
   hole before applying patch
• Working on a firm, protected surface.
   preheat worn area with iron.
• Position patch. shiny side down on garment
   Press firmly for 40 to 4 5 seconds. Finish by
   pressing around edges.
• Allow patch to cool and check bond. Press again. If necessary.


Quick fix repair cloth A 

Quick fix repaire cloth

Nylon Patches: Use Stick-On Patches to repair a tear - worn area or hole. These patches can also be used to create fun and decorative stick-on shapes. Hand wash in cold water - Line Dry 100% Nylon
1.Make sure that area of item to be repaired is clean, dry and free of dirt. 2.Lay item flat and bring torn edges together. 3.Cut patch to desired shape and size. 4.Remove paper backing from patch and apply over repair area of item. 5.Item can be used immediately. DO NOT IRON. NOT FOR USE ON FLOATATION DEVICES such as floats, inner-tubes and rafts.
Suede Cowhide Elbow Patches: Perforated edges for easy sewing.
1.Put on garment and position patches on elbow areas. 2.Tape patches in place - or pin through holes. 3.Remove garment. Sew patches in place using a backstitch and heavy duty thread. Dry clean only. If patches are darker than garment - remove before cleaning.