Personal care items collection

include waist extenders, pants extenders, easy fit buttons, easy fit hooks, wonder buttons, perfect fit buttons...


Item NoDescriptionSizeImage
KY-1997 4pcs/set perfect fit Instant buttons dia: 17mm Includes: 1 x "Jean" Style buttons, 1 x Brown buttons, 1 x Black buttons 1 x Khaki buttons DSC21160
KY-2001 Neck Expander 10mm NECK EXPANDER
KYH-AG1061 SHIRT COLLAR EXTENDER MADE UP OF NON-WOVEN COTTON 1-5/8L x 1/2"H Button Dia.: 11mm Plus Tabs Collar Ext-3 Pc. Attach to top shirt button to expand collar one-half size.
KYH-AG962 Easy Fit Hooks 3.5x8.0cm Hook Waist Extenders Add Up to 2inch to Your Pants and Skirts
KYH-AG963 Easy Fit Buttons 3.5x7.0cm 100% cotton,polyester resin buttons Suitable for trousers and skirts Feel more relaxed in an instant
KYH-AG964 3pcs/set easy fit hooks with two line bars 3.5x6.5cm 3pcs/set easy fit hooks
KYH-AG967 Wonder buttons 3/8"   kyh ag967
KYH-AG967b Wonder buttons 3/8"   kyh 967b
KYH-AG968 Wonder buttons 9/16"   kyh ag968
KYH-AG968b Wonder buttons 9/16"   kyh 968b
KYH-AG969 Wonder buttons 19mm   kyh ag969
KYH-AG969/2 Wonder buttons 19mm 2pcs/set   IMAG0396
KYH-AG969b Wonder buttons 19mm   kyh 969b
REF 11-896.99 3pcs extender button 10,15,19mm   11 896.99
KYH-M962 Button extender cotton hook: black/ kahki/ white Denim button: dark blue/blue hooks:3.5x8.0cm buttons: 3.5x7.0cm KYH M962
KYH-M963 Button extender cotton buttons: black/ kahki/ charcoal Denim button: dark blue/ blue size: 3.5x7.0cm KYH M963