Wonder Button, Collar Expanders

up to 1/2 size to any shirt lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer

New Design coming:

10mm  white plastic 3pcs

1.  Wonder Button - EXPANDS THE SIZE OF DRESS SHIRT COLLARS! Adds up to 1/2 a size to any shirt. For
example: a size 16 dress shirt would expand to a 16 1/2 size. Never worry about your shirt collar feeling too tight again!
2. The exclusive Wonder Button is a small button attached to a small expandable stainless steel spring loop. Place the small button into the button hole of your dress shirt collar. Next, place the small loop over the dress shirt collar button. Made to last.
3. Collar Expanders, Collar Extender - the Wonder Button makes dressing nice a comfortable experience. May also be used on dress shirt cuffs creating expansion at your wrists as well.

DSC 0833

We can also supply you Button extenders - now in metal. A brilliant solution to tight-fitting shirts and
pants. Alleviate discomfort in your neck and waistline by easily slipping extenders onto existing buttons.
Eliminates expensive alterations. Stays hiddenbehind ties when used on shirt collars.
Set of three includes a large, medium and small size. Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel. Set of three.
Product Features: A perfect solution to tight fitting shirts and pan Alleviate discomfort in your neck and
waistline Extenders slip easily onto existing buttons Stay hidden behind ties when used on a shirt collar Set of three includes: large(11/16"), medium(9/16")and small(3/8")

up to 1/2 size to any shirt lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer

7. Easily slips on and off existing buttons.
8. Minimizes the hassle and expense of alterations.
9. Use on pants, skirts, jeans, shirt collars, and cuffs.
10. Attach two together for extended comfort.

DSC 0665

display box packed for retail